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  • Specmix has announced the schedule for the regional Bricklayer 500 events that take place around the U.S. and Canada from now through October. These are the qualifying events leading up to the Bricklayer 500 at World of Concrete next January. If you would like to enter any of the regional events, check out the schedule for the one nearest you, then go here to fill out the entry form. Mortar Net Solutions is a proud Gold Sponsor of these events. See you in Las Vegas!
  • Whether you’re a contractor, architect or distributor, we know the challenges you face every day, so we’ve created a number of services to help reduce your headaches and make your days easier.  We’ll give you free bid help and takeoff services for TotalFlash jobs, plus custom sizing of TotalFlash panels for wall openings to speed up flashing system installation.  If you’re a distributor, we help you find the best shipping and packaging options.  And click here to see how our unique Construction Services division can help contractors and designers.  We’re more than just products, we’re complete solutions that help make your jobs and your days easier.
    Installing a masonry cavity wall flashing system? The TotalFlash cavity wall drainage solution saves you time and reduces headaches, and our free takeoff service saves you even more time.  Send us your plans and we’ll send you exactly how many TotalFlash panels and CompleteFlash 14” High Corner Boots and end dams you’ll need.  Plus we’ll precut all your TotalFlash panels for your exterior wall openings at no charge, making it easy for one worker to quickly and easily install flashing over wall openings.  Email technicalservices@mortarnet.com, or call 219-850-4514 to learn how to use this valuable, free service. 
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