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  • 2015 mortar net complete products brochure cover Download the new Complete Products Brochure, which includes WallDefender and the new LathNet.  WallDefender is our newest mortar dropping collection device.  LathNet is the only drainage solution for adhered masonry walls that combines metal lath with a mesh drainage plane for fast installation and fewer wall penetrations.  Click here  to download.
  • On May 14, 2015, the CavityComplete team introduced new wood stud and C.M.U. wall systems at the AIA Convention.  Click to find out how these unique wall systems can make wall specification and construction faster and easier while reducing liability for specifiers and contractors.
  • Metal lath over two layers of tar paper or house wrap is no longer considered adequate drainage for modern adhered masonry walls.  LathNet is used with stone, thin brick, stucco and other types of adhered masonry, and is the first and only solution that combines metal lath with a drainage plane in one factory-assembled system to reduce labor costs.  

    LathNet is available through any Mortar Net distributor in the U.S. and Canada.  Click here for more info.